doula angela

Angela Konin, (she/her)

Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist 

CAPPA-Certified Labor Doula 

Serving Central NJ


about me

I always want my clients to feel empowered in their bodies and their births. I use education and compassion as the primary tools toward that end, both in massage therapy and labor support. 

My massage practice has long focused on prenatal, postpartum, and fertility massage. I enjoy working with people in all stages of their journeys into parenthood. The treatments are gentle and relaxing, with techniques appropriate for each stage. 

To be invited in to bear witness to a birth is an indescribable privilege. I am a knowledgeable, experienced doula who wants to help clients work toward the goals they set for themselves. I aim to provide clients with the information and options needed to make informed decisions, and I support them in their choices. 

Additionally, I am currently pursuing my Master's degree in Social Work, specializing in child & adolescent well-being with a concentration on sexuality and sexual health. I am particularly passionate about supporting those who are LGBTQ+ and/or neurodivergent. 

When I have the time, I enjoy reading, hanging out with my family, and my pets (I'm both a cat person and a dog person).

I believe that all who want doula support should have access to it. As such, I am committed to working with a limited number of clients on a sliding scale.

I support ALL kinds of families.


massage therapy

compassionate | experienced | knowledgeable

Hand on Bump

prenatal/pregnancy massage

Gentle and relaxing massage treatment done in a side-lying position with lots of pillows for support. Addresses both the common discomforts of pregnancy and individual aches and pains.

This treatment can be done at any point in the pregnancy. 

Offered in 60- and 90-minute sessions. 

Mother and Son

postpartum massage

Early days with baby are exhausting. Postpartum massage promotes recovery and relaxation. Can be done with baby nearby to take feeding breaks as needed. Recommended, but not necessary, to bring a partner or friend along to help with baby. 

This treatment can be done anytime in the first 3 months of delivery. 

90-minutes sessions only.

Spring Buds

pre-pregnancy/fertility massage

A massage treatment intended for all who are planning a healthy conception, including those who may be experiencing some conception challenges, as well as those who are actively working with medical support. 

The treatment is both relaxing and educational - through foot reflexology we gain insight into areas which may benefit from some adjustment - for example diet, sleep, and digestion.

90-minute sessions only.

Baby's Grasp

infant massage

This session is intended to educate care givers on infant massage, which enhances connection and can help reduce tummy aches and crankiness associated with colic, as well as calm an overwhelmed nervous system.

60-minute sessions

Palm Massage

swedish massage

In addition to my work surrounding pregnancy and birth, I also provide experienced and soothing massage grounded in the Swedish tradition; they are relaxation-focused and as such are mostly gentle in nature, using deep tissue work as indicated. My strength is tuning in to areas of stress and/or trauma and promoting release and healing.


labor doula support

comprehensive | skilled | empowering

Hand on Bump
Image by Camylla Battani
Sleeping Newborn


  • 1 or 2 in-person visits  (as needed/desired) to discuss your wishes and options for labor and birth

  • Check-ins following appointments with your care provider

  • As needed communication prior to on-call period through phone calls, texts, or emails

  • 24 hours a day on-call window beginning 2 weeks prior to your due date and ending when baby is born

labor and birth

  • Hourly communication once labor has begun and until you decide you'd like me to join you

  • Continuous loving support throughout the labor and birth - physical, emotional, and informational

  • Partner support - food, rest, connection, tips on preventing back pain and tired arms


  • Remaining with you until you are all settled in together, about an hour following birth

  • Daily check-ins for the first week and assistance with minor problem solving

  • Access to resources as needed

  • Optional in-person visit within 10 days of birth to review, check in on postpartum adjustment, high fives and baby squeezes

Baby holding parent pinky finger

fees and details


massage therapy fees

Massage fees are based on length of time rather than technique or service offered. 

60-minutes $85

90-minutes $110

massage therapy service area

At this time, I am providing outcall (at the client's location) services only. An additional fee (typically $25) for locations farther than 20 minutes form my home in Lawrenceville.

labor support/doula service package details

Once we enter into contract together, we will have up to two in-person prenatal visits together to review your wishes and plans for birth. You may contact me anytime with questions and I love to hear how your appointments with your care provider are going. I will be on call for you 24 hours a day beginning 2 weeks prior to your due date and ending once the baby is born. Once labor has begun, I will join you once you decide you need me. I will remain by your side until you are settled in as a new family. We will check in daily for the first week and we can meet for a postpartum visit within 10 days of the baby's birth.

labor support/doula fees

I charge $1200 for the services described - half is due at the time we sign the contract and the balance is due by the first day of our on-call period. 

For more about doula fees, please see this helpful post.

For a limited number of clients, I am happy to offer my services on a sliding scale. A minimum fee applies and communication about need should occur early on in our work together so that I may plan accordingly.

labor support/doula scope of practice

As a doula, I provide informational, emotional, and physical support. I cheer you on and help you remain as comfortable as possible through some of the hardest work you will ever do. I will do my best to ensure that you feel empowered and surrounded by loving support as you give birth. I will never speak to the medical staff on your behalf, I will never judge you for your choices, and I will only ever lay comforting hands on you.

Learn more about the CAPPA Scope of Practice.

sliding scale

For a limited number of clients, I am happy to offer my services on a sliding scale. A minimum fee applies and communication about need should occur early on in our work together so that I may plan accordingly.

labor suport/doula service area

While the majority of births I attend take place at Capital Health - Hopewell or Princeton Medical Center, I am happy to travel up to about an hour form Princeton, NJ.


Please reach out to explore the possibility of working together.

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